Thursday, 22 August 2013

How fresh does your garden grow ?

Hi there,

Everytime i am in my garden...i get this nursery rhyme in my head...mary, mary quite contrairy... ROFL.

 Green beans still on the stalk and harvested :)
 Tomatoes not yet ripe :)
 Curly lettuce :) Ready for picking 
 Beetroot harvested ;)
 Boiled, chopped and jarred :)
 and pickled hihi
and mint for in my tea :)

Today we ate stir fried chicken with green beans and cucumber. Yup all stir fried, something i picked up from the Chinese company i used to work for. Here is a photo of dinner.

I had a weigh in yesterday too and was not happy with what i saw. I gained 4 kg during the holiday :( I really need to keep this on track for a while. I did a little shopping today and because i had 14 points left i bought Danio Special. It was a full yogurt with banana, kiwi and mango. It was good ! Used up my points in a healthy to score off a dairy product too :)

Thats all for now....back tomorrow :)
Huggles from Holland

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